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I came into contact with Mr. Saunders in the spring of 2014 while looking into a possible move to Cecil County. Mark made quite the impression and I hope this review will help those searching for a knowledgeable and honest realtor.

What makes Mark stand out from the average realtor is his life experiences outside of selling homes. Mark has spent over 20 years involved in the home improvement industry as an employee of Ace Hardware as well as a local property manager. The relationships Mark formed with contractors in the community proved to be a strong and valuable resource when they didnt hesitate to stop by a property and answer a few questions I had.

Mark is a lifelong resident of Cecil County and offered unique honesty in what communities would best serve my family and I. There has never an instance in which a question wasnt answered in a prompt manner. In closing, Mark brings a lot more to the table than your average realtor and would and have recommended him to those interested in buying/selling in Cecil County.

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Mark helped my girlfriend and I find our first home. As first time home buyers we had a ton of questions that Mark always answered . He had great knowledge of the areas we were looking at and offered valuable insight into the neighborhoods and what it’d be like to live there. Mark was super easy to talk to and work with and he quickly understood what we were looking for. His availability was amazing; I could always get him on the phone without delay or expect a fast email reply – even on nights and weekends. I would have never guessed that he was working with multiple other clients. The seller of our home made things very difficult and did some things out of the ordinary. Mark was very helpful through the process and never hesitated to find a solution to whatever the issue of the day was. I will definitely be using Mark’s services again when it comes time for a new house.

5 zuser20140531163936063

Mark is without a doubt one of the finest real estate professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. It is so refreshing to work with someone who works with such speed and insight. He has the unique ability to anticipate issues and acts quickly to make them non issues. We had to be out of town for the majority of the sales process yet Mark made it seem like we were in his back yard. His expert use of technology also enhanced the entire experience. In summary I will use Mark for future transactions and look forward to doing so.

5 emlawler5

Mr. Saunders was extremely helpful and knowledgable when showing me homes on the market. He was able to answer all my questions and concerns. I was much more informed of the house-buying process after meeting Mr. Saunders. I would recommend Mark Saunders to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent in the area!

5 anthonysps

Yes, Mark has helped me many times on finding lots that I am interested in, also homes for sale! I was very impressed with all that he had to offer. Mark was born and raised in the area, therefore, I feel as though he was able to provide more information about the area. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking to purchase in the area.

5 zuser20140604103723942

Mark is a knowledgeable real estate professional. I wanted someone who really knew the area I was looking in. He was quick to respond to questions, got me listings quickly, and was very flexible when scheduling showings. He was also able to give me referrals for mortgages, home repairs/ warranties, etc. Excellent skills in negotiating. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to buy/sell a home.

5 zuser20140624063959437

Mark was a pleasure to work with he was always willing to answer my questions and meet me at times that were convenient for me. I once had to reschedule 4x’s in 1 week because of call outs at work Mark never complained and always rescheduled for me.I will continue to use Mark for all my real estate needs.

5 zuser20140625215836231

Look no further than Mark Saunders. This is one of the best Real Estate Professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. My family was from out of town. Mark made us feel right at home and was able to give us not only his time, expertise and experience, but a true sense of general well being. I also like the fact that Mark answers his phone when called and gets right back to you with any information you might need. A true professional, but better than that, he is a wonderful human being. I own several investment properties and I also have my real estate license in PA. I am glad to have Mark on my team, and you will be too.

5 thedells2

Mark walked us through the process, helping with details about the house, answering our questions and generally being there for us. He made our first home sale painless!

5 user4578721

Mark was wonderful. He made sure I was ok with ever step of the home buying process and since this is my first house that was really important to me. He has gone above and beyond and if it wasn’t for him I would not be a homeowner today.

5 user51559683

Mark Saunders is hands down the best realtor in Cecil County! Not only did he answer our texts, emails and calls at odd hours of the day, he took the time to get to know our family. He knew exactly what we were looking for in a home and knows every little nook and cranny in the county to find it.

Once he helped us find our new home, he worked diligently with the sellers’ realtor to get us the price we wanted in the timeframe we needed.

During this exciting and stressful time, Mark has been by our sides the entire time. He has truly gone above and beyond; we consider him a part of our family.

5 user65502581

I met Mark by requesting more info on a listing I found on the web. After meeting and talking w/him, I decided it was time to downsize so I listed my house and began looking for a smaller house. I looked at some of the houses several times, taking my friends w/me to see what they thought of the houses. My house hasn’t sold yet and I haven’t found a new house but I feel I’ve found the perfect realtor to help me accomplish both. Mark is accommodating, trustworthy and wants to do what’s best for me.

5 kelly28285

Mark helped us buy and sell a home! He made both very easy for us. Sold our home very quickly. We would definitely recommend Mark for anyone buying or selling a home.

5 user7416064

We moved from NJ, and we were used to being taken advantage of. When Mark was first to respond and seemed too good to be true, we kept wondering when we would discover the catch and be scammed…well it turned out there never was a catch and no scamming either. The only catch is that Mark is by far the best realtor we have ever had over our lifetime after previous homes. Because of Mark’s determination and hard work, he was able to get us our dream home. He advocated for us literally on a daily basis for months until he got answers and results. Without Mark, I know we would have never gotten the house. Mark was in good spirits through the entire process, never showing frustration or anything of the sorts when we asked him to see many homes or asked a million questions. Mark knows many people and has been so extremely helpful with everything! He will get the job done and we couldn’t be more happy with our experience and how professional and hands on Mark was throughout the entire process. He went beyond what a realtor would typically do, and that is what truly sets him apart from everyone else! Amazing is not even the word! We are forever grateful!

5 canderson99

Without a doubt Mark Saunders is one of the best realtors in Cecil and Harford Counties! If you are looking for a responsive Realtor that will not only turn your listing around quickly but help you find that beautiful home…. Well, Mark is your guy! Sincerely, Corey

5 ThadGroghan

I had worked with two other realtors before looking for a male realtor to assist with my home sale. I tend to be bold and can come across as aggressive. One of the two previous realtors we had a 6 month contract with, but no sale, so this was not my first rodeo.

I had interviewed 3 male realtors. The other two were very good but there was something about how Mark communicated, and explained things on the phone when I first contacted him.

Right off the bat, Mark dialoged with us about what he could provide via phone and email, based on our needs and timeline. We worked with him all long distance and never actually met him in person. That initial call he was engaging. He went and visited the property to get an assessment of it, he then sent us pricing analysis with an estimates sale price. He contacted me without delay to explain the documents. He did a GREAT analysis, it was very impressive. I really needed that insight from a person who knew their stuff and knew the area. He came across as very honest, someone I could trust with my house (which we did).

He kept up the communication with calls and worked well with sending me emails. We did all of our document signing online, which was easier than expected. When the home inspections came about he assisted us GREATLY with lining them up and even more with getting the repairs completed.

HIs local knowledge was extremely valuable. He was able to stop by the house and tend to it as needed for showings and keeping the flyer box full. He also had a vast knowledge, at his fingertips, of people whom could assist with the home repairs at great prices.

I liked his negotiation style as he kept us engaged from the start with the tentative buyers. We had lots of little things to work through and he went the extra mile in giving us assistance to seal the deal.

I never doubted him on the process that was taking place. The events kept us flying by the seat of our pants once the initial offer was received. I was aware of most steps that we were going through. The Settlement agency was a little shaky to work with on communication, as it seemed to come up at the last moment. It did all work out in perfect timing.

If you are looking for someone to go the extra mile to take care of the sale of your house, USE Mark. If you are looking for someone whom will give you honest answers and whom you can trust, USE Mark. If you want someone that knows the area and has resources to help you, USE Mark. If you are looking for someone who will talk with you about how to negotiate, USE Mark. If you want to know about the process, he can also help you out in that area to.

I was glad that we found him. He did a great job earning his salary on the sale of our house. Lastly I appreciated the work that he did. I would highly recommend him to everyone looking to SELL a house. I can imagine that he’d also be great at helping anyone in the house BUYING process to.

5 kaka94bill

We could not have asked for a better agent. From the moment of our first blind encounter (he was the listing agent for a house we were looking at and had never met him or gotten a recommendation about him) to closing and beyond, he was the best ever. Mark’s knowledge of the area and all that it could and could not offer was amazing. His attention to all facets of each home we looked at was always spot on, and always provided guidance on what was good and not so good about each one. We are new to the MD area, so his vast knowledge of each town we looked at was a great help. Mark’s attitude was to help and guide us during our search, clearly understanding what our ultimate goal in purchasing a home was. To put this into perspective, this was our combined 7th home purchase over the years so we have seen the good and bad in this industry. Thank You Mark, for all you did to ensure our success and we are very happy with our final choice.

5 alzsailor

Mark is the consumate real estate professional. He helped us find the perfect house and then guided us through a longer than usual process. He has superior communication skills, knows what to expect and to anticipate hurdles, and finds ways to resolve problems that are proactive rather than reactive. He is a Cecil County expert, lives in the area he sells from, and gives back to his community by serving on a county board. I have gotten updates from him at almost midnight and at six in the morning. My only regret in writing this review is that we can only give five hearts – He deserves a few more than that!

5 user7754183

Mark worked with me to find a great house, he cared about location, condition, and results. He went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with the paper work, and understanding what I’m getting into. He was very patient and easy to talk to. I will be using him again when I find my dream home.

5 hoyt commodore

Mr. Saunders is a great agent. We enjoyed working with him immensely. His knowledge of the area, skills of negotiation and excellent customer service helped us sell our property. Highly recommended!

5 markisha townsend

I couldn’t ask for a better real estate agent! Mark helped us so much throughout the whole house buying process. He is very friendly and knowledgable and has great communication capabilities.

5 user810791

Mark was fantastic!!!! He really took the time to help us find exactly what we were looking for. Always willing to set up visits for us regardless of timeframes. Mark kept in constant communication through a difficult short sale. We couldn’t have managed without his guidance. By the end it felt like he was part of the family. I would highly recommend Mark if you are looking for a new home. Thanks buddy!!!!!

5 shawnmcgee1

I could not have asked for Better service than I received from Mark Saunders. He absolutley answered all of my questions and quickly I must add. He followed up on all of the phone calls, e-mails and text.! Every single one of them. I was determined to buy the house that I wanted in North East by the river and if it was not for Marks help this may not have happened. He made the process much easier dealing with the sellers and selling agent and was diligent to make sure all issues were addressed and corrected by the closing date. I cannot express enough how Highly I recommend Mark to all who are buying in Cecil County.! Excellent Rating.!

5 llellis88

Mark helped us find our new home. He showed us quite a few and was very flexible with our schedule. We were thankful for his service and would recommend him to our friends and family!

5 user2099387

From the very beginning when we first met Mark we knew he was the realtor we wanted.. He was very professional but at the same time it was like we all had been friends for years. Mark took the time to listen to our needs and wants. My fiance and I were on a tight schedule to find a house within a month since our former house had sold quicker then we expected.. with our tight time frame and with our busy work schedule Mark did not hesitate to meet us at at least 3 to 4 houses a night during the week starting at 7:00 and sometimes being out with us to 9:30. I can honestly say with any other realtor I don’t believe we would have made our deadline. Mark continues to respond to text from my fiance and I even after settlement with not only questions about the house but the area in general and what place has the best ” cheese steaks”. We will tell anyone we know buying a house use Mark. Jack & Trish

5 fast1inwhite

Mark is the best!!! He was very knowledgable about the real estate market and was ALWAYS there to answer any of our questions no matter what time of the day. He was very professional and was easy to talk with about our housing needs. We decided on buying a home that was in foreclosure which can be challenging but Mark made the process so smooth and simple for us. We would definately recommend Mark to any of our friends/family in the future who may need real estate assistance.

5 JustinMena1

Mark is a very nice guy, very knowledgeable and fully explains things about home and loans in detail. He was referred to me through family, so I gave him a call, I got a very quick response and my wife and I met with him. My wife and I are first time homebuyers and mark has been meeting with us showing us different homes and going over options and things we may encounter during the home buying process. I would definitely recommend mark to anyone looking for and home in the Elkton, Northeast MD. Area.

5 user3416486

Had a great experience with Mark. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Dedicated and devoted to helping you find the house you’re looking for in the price range you’re seeking. Willing to help in any way possible to help my fiancé and I find and purchase our first home. Will highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great real estate agent.

5 BrookeBathras

Mark was incredibly responsive, which meant we were able to get the house we wanted even though other offers were coming in. His integrity and reputation in the real estate community (and town as a whole) gave us a great sense of confidence in his ability to close the deal. On top of it all, he is just a really nice person and doesn’t think twice about going the extra mile. Not only did he help us get our new house, he worked diligently and smartly and ended up selling the house we were moving from as well.

5 zuser20151121175946362

Where do I begin? About nine months ago, my husband and I decided to begin aggressively looking for our new home. We saw a house on Zillow and I submitted an inquiry late at night and the first thing the following morning, I received a call from Mark. Poor guy had no idea what he was about to encounter. What a very emotional roller coaster ride! Through all the ups and downs, Mark kept saying we will find your home, we will find your home… He navigated through all of the unforeseen circumstances and yes, he found our home. Thank you Mark for your exceptional responsiveness – God only knows how many times I called you about a new listing and your only response was, “What time today do you want to go see it?” As we sit here in our new home, I can’t help but to be thankful that you were the one that responded to that initial inquiry, because we not only found the best realtor in Cecil County, but made a great friend. Thank you for your diligence, loyalty, honesty and most importantly your patience! You are the best!

5 kurtmerbach007

Mark did a great job of helping us sell our waterfront home in Elkton. There were some issues that had to get resolved to get it sold. Mark was able get us the right buyers and work the deal. Would recommend him.

5 user7250173

Mark helped us sell our home in Elkton Maryland. He was very helpful and gave us good advice. He was always quick to respond to our calls and questions.

5 user7358243

We have dealt with an above average number of Realtors in recent years and picked Mark randomly since we were not impressed with any we had dealt with. What a great surprise it was to find Mark! Unlike others, he was actually willing to work for his commission and quickly responded to all questions and requests. He helped us in many ways that we did not expect to select and purchase a home. He always showed up when he said he would and was a pleasure to deal with. We could not be more happy with Mark.

5 jamie leigh86

Our experience with Mark exceeded all of our expectations of what a realtor does. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, he is very educated and experienced on all aspects of this process. He seemed to have magical powers in finding houses that had everything we were looking for. He also saved us from many difficult situations that can arise while house hunting, like being homeless with our 2 dogs. Mark was always available to talk to for questions or if we were panicking about something he was very good at talking us off the ledge and making sure we understood every part of this process. I cannot think of one single complaint to make and I was extremely impressed. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone who needs a realtor who will have your back every step of the way and fight for you like your own personal attack dog. We only wish there was some way we could repay him for everything he did for us.

5 erinleekelly7

Mark was an exceptional realtor. He was always available and worked diligently with us to find our perfect home. Mark is very knowledgeable about Cecil County’s land and water regulations. If you want great service and a realtor who is proficient…I highly recommended Mark!

5 dlanius007

Mark kept in contact throughout all of the showings for the property. He successfully negotiated the offers we received. At times it seemed that the sale wasn’t going to go through yet Mark resolved any and all issues and made the sale happen. We couldn’t be happier with the results. We plan to place our house on the market in several years and Mark will be the agent we call.

5 bloomis62

Mark is very personal and efficient and made selling our home a much easier process and less stressful. I would highly recommend him to everyone. He was very considerate of our needs.

5 user7395173

I cannot say enough good about Mark Saunders. We are new to the area and he’s very familiar so his knowledge of Cecil County was very helpful to us. He was very accommodating to our schedule when showing us the various homes we looked at. Mark always responded quickly to our questions. He helped us navigate a slightly difficult negotiation for our home and we felt from day one that we could trust his opinion and advice. Mark is good natured, easy to talk with and understood our wants in a new home. He also recommmeded an awesome title company that we were extremely pleased with. Overall great experience.

5 mscarberry

Mark is amazing, he definitely put a lot of hard work into helping us buy a home. We actually went through a few different houses over the course of a few years before we found the one we bought. He made sure we found exactly what we were looking for and made sure the price was what we asked. He made us feel comfortable and that we could trust him. We would recommend anyone we know to use him. He doesn’t give up until he finds you what your are looking for and you are completely satisfied

5 theetters

While it may look like I might be a friend or just an easy rating sort of person, this is not the case. Fact is, Mark is just flat-out a great person and an outstanding realtor. Mark knows his territory like the back of his hand and he also knows the bay and the waterfront. Mark was always plugged-in throughout our search. He always responded with urgency and never showed an ounce of frustration through an 8 week search with very picky buyers (us). Mark also knows construction and he is thorough and honest as he essentially performs a home inspection during every walk-through. Just an awesome experience! – Thanks for everything Mark! Greg and Jenn

5 mattcarter23main

My experience with Mark both as a Seller and Buyer has been positive;You reacted promptly to my phone call and made an appointment to meet. Mark was courteously and patiently responded to my questions as he went through the entire process of the house sale and time frame. From beginning to end all went smoothly. You did a beautiful job presenting my house inside and out. Any potential problems and suggestions for solutions were promptly communicated. I appreciated you keeping in touch through the entire process and follow-up. I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so.

5 zuser20141218063805586

Mark has excellent communication skills and will respond back to you immediately. He also has extensive experience in the real estate field and knows his demographic area extremely well. I would highly recommend Mark Saunders if you are looking for a great real estate agent. We found the perfect home.

5 user61120607

Couldn’t have been better, more like a friend than an Agent, very Considerate, and always kept me Informed. He did a great job and I highly recommend him. If you are looking for a great agent you won’t be disappointed with Mark Saunders !

5 zuser20141009115511412

Mark is an amazing realtor! He was very honest through the whole home buying process. He was always available and if I asked a question he always had the answer for me. When we were in negotiation over the sellers contract Mark managed to get us more money for closing costs than we expected. He fights hard for his clients! If you are looking for a home in Cecil county I would definitely use Mark for your realtor.

5 johnkeith78

Mark went above and beyond to cater to my needs. Even after sale of home he continued to help me get info I needed for new home. Will definitely be referring him in the future to friends and family.

5 kaygee2003

Mark was the listing agent of a home that my husband and I were really interested in. After viewing the home, Mark gave us some really good information about purchasing a home in Cecil County. Shortly after meeting Mark he let us know the sellers accepted an offer. Mark offered to show us any other homes we were interested in and 5 months later we closed on a home perfect for our family. We liked Mark instantly. Mark knows his stuff and we trusted him fully to make the home buying process as painless as possible. Mark is a true professional who values the client/agent relationship. Mark values the time he spends with clients and he won’t accept any phone calls while meeting with his clients. Mark responds quickly to text messages and he is very accommodating to his client’s schedules. We LOVE Mark and we actually miss the frequent contact we had with him through the home buying process! We will always refer family and friends looking for a stellar agent to Mark Saunders!

5 amatos23

Mark was amazing throughout the whole process. My wife and I felt that we could trust him in all matters and in any and all advise. I consider Mark a true friend and would suggest him to anybody. A true professional

5 zuser20140615134215233

For a lack of better words….Mark is the man!!! He stuck with us for 3 years and after much searching found us our home. He is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and very understanding. If your looking to buy or sell your home, you won’t go wrong with Mark. Hands down all around great guy and awesome realtor. Thanks Mark for all your help!!!!!

5 anitz27

Mark is a awesome realtor. He will work with you and find you your dream home. Just like he did for me and my family!!! I truly love everything about my home. We even made multiple offers on different homes that did not work out, but Mark did not give up on us. He kept finding us a new home and stuck it out with us!! On our fifth try it was meant to be. So, if you are in need of a honest, hard working, good man you need Mark!! I would recommend him and use him again in a heartbeat!!

5 nightfox2167

Mark was excellent in helping my wife and I find the perfect house. He constantly stayed in touch and no matter the time or day he would answer a call or text when we reached out with questions. His negotiation skills are top notch and has excellent knowledge about the real estate business. Mark treated us like friends and made it a pleasure to work with him.

5 ColleenEllis0

Wonderful experience! Mark provides the most professional and effective service that truly embodies the definition of a Realtor! We will always refer others to him in the future as well as for our own considerations as well.

5 tmbogia

We purchased our first home in September and Mark was just awesome to work with. Mark is very knowledgeable of Cecil County which definitely helped. He was available any time of the day or night to answer a call or text. He was even handling issues with our sale while on vacation. The seller was dragging his feet on repairs and Mark stayed on top of things to make sure all was good before settlement. He even left my husband a house warming gift in our new fridge. I will without a doubt refer friends and family to Mark and if we ever decide to sell this house, we will be calling him again.

5 neata79

My husband & I bought & sold 2 houses so we had a few realtors & Mark is both the best & our favorite of them. Good at his job, smart & knowledgeable, always available, accessible, helpful, and humble, and We always enjoyed talking to him. Mark is very professional but at the same time he made us feel as if we had grown up next door to 1 another. Any question asked Mark would answer. He works for his clients. All I had to say was “I wonder” and Mark was there finding out. He would crawl in attic spaces & dark corners to find the answers. We were in negotiations one evening at 11:30 pm with a buyer. He made himself accessible no matter what. We have enjoyed his friendship & are thankful for the support of his family.


Hands down mark is the best. He helped make our dreams a reality. As a first time home buyer its a bit intimidating when you start looking but with mark by our side it turned into the best experience of our lives. Mark gaves us the confidence and knowledge we needed to pick out and purchase our dream home. Mark always kept in touch and was their to answer any and all of our questions and concerns. If you find yourself buying or selling a home mark is the man that can make it happen

2 mlk221

Mark Saunders was quite ready to help me purchase a new home. Unfortunately he apparently sided with the seller of the home (even though he was working for me!) and covered up problems with the home, was not honest with inspections, in order to push the sale through. In the end , I feel he did not care about me as a first time home buyer and participated in taking advantage of a single woman!!!! Would definitely not recommend him.

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